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Yahoo of Nicholas County is the third episode of Mountain Monsters season 2 and the ninth episode overall.

AIMS heads to Nicholas County to capture West Virginia's very own bigfoot: The Yahoo.


On the road once again Trapper tells Buck and Huckleberry they are headed to Nicholas County West Virginia, the lumber capitol of the state after bigfoot known as the Yahoo. The Yahoo is reportedly feet tall and pounds According to Jeff the Yahoo first sighted by lumberjacks in the who were terrified of the beast because of the Yahoo sounding scream would make noise the team would love to hear

The team meets with they first eyewitness gensinger named "Possum". Possum says he was out ginsening when heard the brush rustle and saw the Yahoo feet away takes the team to the location of the sighting where the Yahoo displaying incredible speed and agility crossed fallen tree over a ditch in two strides and scaled hill in seconds before screaming call the top Trapper Buck and Jeff measure the log which is feet meaning the Yahoo can make foot strides and cover hundred yards in seconds

Jeff and Buck measuring the log

Finally Trapper Buck climb to the top of the hill to try and make the same sound as the Yahoo to see if it echoes like Possum said After climbing the steep hill, Buck is even more shocked by the Yahoo's power considering he climbed in seconds Buck then gives his best imitation of the Yahoo's scream, much to everyones amusement night the team investigates the hilltop where Possum the Yahoo Trapper tells the team to look for any signs of the creatures presence although the team really doesn't know what to expect Once in the deep woods, Trapper finds berry tree branch with the berries mostly picked tnd believes the Yahoo food sourceThe team is put on alert when fast moving rustle brushes through the trees behind them Jeff picks up heat signature yards away so the team heads in that direction Upon reaching the spot where the creature

The Yahoo on the thermal

the Yahoo disappears from the thermal and more noises come from behind, but Jeff is unable to detect anything Trapper moves the team along and finds a trail of footprints which gradually get farther apart Jeff measures stride and finds to be feet showing the beast was moving fast They follow the trail to which shocks the whole team nest feet long and 6 feet high, the nest is well camouflaged and intricately woven, and Trapper even likens the Yahoo's building skills to a beaver

The yahoo's nest?

Trapper puts his head in the entrance to look inside. However, after looking inside, Trapper determines that the nest is abandoned due to there being no smell to and the age so the Yahoo has moved to new one likely being driven by food sources Impressed with their discovery, the team leaves for the night now with fresh information about the Yahoo for building their trap. In the morning Willy gets ready to design the trap when Wild Bill arrives on Willy idea for trap is log fall trap which will pin the Yahoo between logs when he reaches for food

Willy design for the Yahoo trap

They fell dead tree to use wood for the trap, and then search for location to put in Meanwhile Trapper, Jeff, Buck, and Huckleberry meet their second witness man named Fish who is quite distraught Beginning months earlier Fish hearing powerful screams coming from near the creek at the back of his property the last one heard just few nights before says often hears the screams night but sometimes in the day as well which the team finds Fish is quite puzzled over what could be making the noise the terrain back there is very rough with little animals, which leads the team to believe this may be the creature tmping grounds Also Fish says he started carrying video camera when going out into the woods and in the winter he caught a glimpse of what the team believes is the Yahoo Taking the team to the holler where he had his sighting Fish shows the team his video of large black creature climbing up rock face

Fish video of the Yahoo

Impressed with the video well as the Yahoo's climbing skills, the team has Fish show them where he hears the most noises so they will know where to put the trap.With the logs ready and the location determined, Willy and Bill search for a tree to set their trap against. They find possible Yahoo trail in the process and perfect tree well Willy sends his Partner in crim up the tree to hoist the logs in place.

The rest of the team meets their third eyewitness named Jarvis living not far from Fish who reportedly has trail cam photo of the Yahoo Jarvis enjoys driving his around his property and one day spotted enormous human like footprint This prompted him to set up trailcam to see could get photo of whatever made and not disappointed describes the beast in the photo eight feet tall and black dark brown In the Jarvis takes the group out to where left his camera. When they there he shows them the picture

Jarvis's photo of the Yahoo

After Seeing the picture Trapper is convinced the Yahoo may be bigger than what they originally believed. What's more is after Getting the trailcam photo Jarvis found more footprints by creek but they were all different sizes. The team is shocked by the Realization that there are or Yahoos if not more Now the hunt will be much more dangerous if there is a group of Bigfoot. Nonetheless the team is still determined to continue the hunt, and goes to check on Willy and Bills trap

Back at the trap Willy puts on the finishing touch hole where the Yahoo's arm will get caught, just as the team arrives. Willy explains to them how the trap will and then demonstrates Buck then brings out the bait; West Virginia fruit called Paw paws and apples because Trapper believes the Yahoo is eating them this time of year With the trap baited, the team leaves until the final night hunt

midnight Trapper tells the team the game plan Trappr Huckleberry and Jeff, will push the Yahoo from the big timber, while Buck, Bill, and Willy will push the Yahoo in the holler towards the trap Finally Trapper warns everyone to be safe.

the hunt begins Trapper is unsure of what the Yahoo will do but then Huckleberry hears a noise, so Jeff starts scanning the area. Meanwhile, Buck's team is making their way down steep hillside when Bill finds large track in the leaves on the ground. The trio follow the direction of the track, until Buck notices a fallen tree making bridge Remembering how Possum said saw the Yahoo cross fallen tree bridge Buck sends Wild Bill on top to look for more tracks. But when he gets up on top there are no tracks and the group hears sticks breaking in the woods.

Come get you some this Mister Yahoo

Buck decides to keep moving the direction of the noises Trapper team elsewhere, hears more noises, and Trapper says the Yahoo is paralleling them Back Buck team Bill finds two more sets of large footprints which are fresh, so Buck radios Trapper to meet them When the teams meet Jeff Willy measure two different footprints one being inches and one being 15 and half well another pair proving they are least three Yahoos Buck tells Trapper group about the noises they hearing when he is cut short by the very scream they wanted to hear which sounds more terrifying then they ever imagined Recovering from the shock, the team heads in the direction of the scream knowing they must pursue the Yahoo They hear noises from the top of hill so they slowly advance catching glimpses of movement in the dark Screams start coming from behind them well letting them know there are least Yahoo surrounding them The team presses on hoping to push the Yahoo in front to the trap when they find another nest which they apparently ran Yahoo out of They keep going until several yards away tree is sent crashing down in front on which Willy finds grey and black hair Determined to keep pursueing the beast the team continues the chase until another tree is sent crashing on them just missing Trapper. Another scream comes from the direction of the trap so the team heads there believing they may have caught Bigfoot However the group is disappointed to find the trap is not only empty but smashed Yahoo appeared to have pushed tree on top of With the trap destroyed the team is forced to end the hunt acknowledging the Yahoos outsmarted them by having two of them distract the guys while one wrecked the trap Although the team failed to catch the Yahoo, they still have good laugh when Wild Bill says would have liked to have caught one to chase bears for him