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Wolfman of Wolfe County is the first episode of the first season of Mountain Monsters and the first episode overall

In the premiere episode the team heads to Wolfe County Kentucky after Wolf like creature that is said to be stalking the area


Driving to Wolfe County.

Trapper Jeff Huckleberry and Buck drive to Hazel Green Wolfe County Kentucky to investigate reports of werewolf type beast known the Kentucky Wolfman Jeff describes being feet tall and around pounds with strong reports of the creature from the to present day

The team first speaks to an eye witness named who says the Wolfman on woed hillside late one night described it as standing on back legs and Having Similar Color Ation to Coyote They notice tree with scratch marks on and although Buck believes could have been a bear Trapper proves otherwise due to the height and Positionine

night the team goes out in search of clues of the Monsters Pesence Trapper Suspects the Wolfman could be using cave Over Hong Cnver While Travelling along rock face they discover what appears to be claw marks well cave that is littered with animal skeletons

Turtleman's photo of the Wolfman

The next day Buck meets Willy local junkyard where they collect materials for trap they intend to use on the wolfman Meanwhile the rest of the team meet awitness named Turtleman two miles from where the last sighting Turtle man tells them he was hunting when he saw a tree that h struck by lightning took out his video camera and starting filming when the Wolfman passed by in the distance Using the locations of the two sightings Trapper is able to pinpoint where to have Willy put the trap barn Willy and Buck get to work on the trap large metal cage which will drop on the Wolfman when he steps on the trigger pedal Meanwhile Trapper and Jeff meet with third eye witness, a hunter named Jesper who saw the Wolfman on top of hill out checking his snares says he heard the Wolfman let out howl which turned into roar Later he found large paw print and took picture From this sighting Trapper is able to narrow down the Wolfmans territory to one mile radius

Jespers photo of the wolfmans pawprint

Having found the center of the area where the three sightings took place Wild Bill and Willy rig up the trap With the trap ready the team does some scouting in the area to look for footprints and other signs Near creek Jeff Buck and Willy find more paw prints the size of coffee can Willy says begin to hear noises in the woods surrounding

the team heads out for the final night hunt with the intention of pushing the Wolfman towards the trap they set with Daisy the goat bait Jeff also leaves an infrared camera Pointed the trap in order to get recording of the Wolfman While on the hunt Trapper team finds afootprint and start hearing noises Bucks team finds what appears to be den with thermal signature inside that Jeff sees on his camera Willy sticks his head in to get look soon after jumps back saying flash of fur After contacting him on the walkie talkie Trapper Concludes that there are two Wolfmen male and female All of Sudden both teams hear Howling in the distance The teams meet up and compare what they seen when they hear more Howling from the top of hill and Jeff catches in on the the thermal cam

The Wolfman on Jeffs camera

Willy and Bill run up to flush him out chasing him off and catching glimpse The team pursues him in the direction of the trap only to find is still up and the Goat untouched However they do get short clip on the camera they left behind of something large and white walking in front of Trapper determines that the second Wolfman the one on the camera because came from the other direction than they expected the first one to Although they did not catch the creature the team is able to conclude exists