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Grafton Monster of Taylor County is the second episode of Mountain Monsters season two, and the eighth episode overall

bunch backed beast called The Headless horror brings the AIMS team to Taylor county, West Virginia where they intend to capture the beast in an enormous box trap

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In Pleasants West Virginia Jeff meets with Buck Trapper and Huckleberry with a brand new video from a man in Grafton West Virginia The video shows large bipedal humanoid slinking away from a field of cows. Judging by the video Jeff believes the creature in question could be the legendary Grafton monster Impressed by the evidence Trapper decides to head to Grafton to talk to the farmer who got the video

On the way to Grafton Jeff fills the guys in on the history of the area saying fought over during the Civil war because access to the first trans Appalachian railroad and the first casualty of the war was killed in Grafton Thornsbury Bailey Brown

Thornsbury Bailey Brown, the first casualty of the Civil War

for the Grafton Monster the Headless HorrorJeff says he was first sighted in the weighs around pounds four feet wide shoulders and head which sloops down to the chest

Arriving in Grafton the team meets the man who shot the video, a black angus cow farmer named Wolfie tells them while filming his cows he saw and heard the creature, which sounded like the low bellow of bull but much louder. Having heard stories of the Grafton Monster, Wolfie never believed them until now says, and is quite concerned for the safety of his cattle as well as his own. Trapper considers the idea the Grafton monster may be a meat eater Wolfies cows felt they were in danger otherwise they wouldn't be running Taking the team down to where the monster was they find broken tree limb many feet off the ground Judging by how quickly and easily the creature moved the bush the team believes have lived in the area for years.

On the first night investigation the team searches for signs of the Headless horror in the woods a quarter mile from Wolfie farm Moving through thick woods for while Jeff picks up a large heat signature in front of them, which quickly jumps off the edge of the mountain

Grafton monster on the thermal cam.

Fanning out Buck finds large path which the team follows coming across swinging deer feeder showing the Grafton monster was likely just using While investigating the feeder Jeff picks up the creature once again on the thermal. While deciding what to do next, a large crack sound comes from the distance Following the sound the team stumbles upon a deerstand which Buck notices something on top of Suddenly the team is hit by a stomach churning smell which the team finds to be cow afterbirth much to Bucks disgust They figure the Grafton Monster must have snatched newborn calf and took the to the woods and ate proving is carnivorous Next day Willy and Wild bill design and get to work a 10-foot tall log cage for the Grafton monster, with a log door which will drop down and trap it inside. Meanwhile, the rest of the team meets with a deer hunter named Dale, who, while scouting his hunting grounds found an abnormally large trail. He also presents a photo from his trailcam which was on log facing the trail of the Grafton monster.

Trailcam photo of the headless horror

Using a tape measure on the tree where the photo was taken they determine the Grafton monster is between and feet tall However, Dale has some additional evidence saying what found in the woods is the really the reason he called them Taking out object wrapped in cloth Dale shows the team huge plaster footprint cast which made day after he got the trailcam photo

Dales cast of the Grafton monsters foot

The footprint is twice wide humans smaller in the heel with large arch which be gets around so quick Knowing now for sure the Grafton Monster lives in the the team knows where to trapAfter being informed by Trapper about the trail the monster has been using Willy and Bill begin construction of the trap on the trail They work all night digging holes for the logs and putting them in although Wild Bill takes short nap

In the evening Trapper Jeff Buck and Huckleberry meet their third eye witness, a dear hunter named "Doc". Doc says he saw the Grafton Monster week and a half earlier in field hiding behind some trees when he saw the Grafton monster cross the field near some telephone poles. He also says worried this might be a regular travel route for the creature. Trapper asks how the creature walked, and Doc tells him walked like human with hunker. All of sudden low growl comes from the forest nearby, which the team instantly recognizes it as the Grafton Monster. Trapper is quite excited to hear and says must have just come out for the night while warning them to stay away. After hearing the noise, Doc is very ready to leave, so the team gives him lift on the the trap site Willy and Billy have just finished the trap and hooked it with a trip wire to drop the door. With the trap ready to be tested, the rest of the team arrives pleased with the trap After testing the trap Buck usual is left with the job of baiting with cow afterbirth

Upon night fall the team gets ready for the final night hunt and breaks into two teams Alpha team Trapper Huckleberry and Wild Bill And Bravo team Buck Willy and Jeff Alpha team will push the Grafton monster near Wolfies holler while Bravo team will push him near the hunting trail, towards the trap. Finally, Huckleberry reminds the team to be extra careful of the rough terrain During the hunt, Buck's team finds a large dirtpile, which Willy climbs on top of, and notices a tree shaking not far from both teams Trapper tells Buck to slowly push the monster towards the trap. Suddenly, Trapper's team hears shuffling and growling from behind them, and then a noise like something hitting metal Following the sounds the trio finds an old oil tank, covered in blood. Trapper walks up a staircase to the top, and discovers the head of dear and hindquarters Shocked that the Grafton Monster is fast enough to catch a deer and worried for the team's safety, Trapper calls the others to regroup. Once the team has regrouped Trapper explains to them what happened, and Huckleberry says the Grafton Monster may be more dangerous now that it's tasted blood sound comes from the woods Jeff is unable to detect on his thermal. They hear more and more branches snapping, coming from all around, so the team is forced to take defensive position Jeff finally picks up something big on his camera, but it disappears over a cliff. Jeff says he thinks the Grafton monster is taunting them The team heads in the direction of the creature and hear more sounds followed with another low growl Trapper sends Willy and Bill to push the creature in front of them again Willy says hears the Grafton Monster trying to sneak behind eventually catches glimpse and the pair give chase coming across blood stain on the ground huge footprint Besides the footprint there is also drag marks meaning the Grafton monster is carrying the rest of the deer

footprint left by the Grafton monster

Willy soon finds another footprint several yards away on the other side of a mud patch saying he caught a glimpse of the beast in the air Trapper determines the creature is bucking down the trail towards the trap Taking to the the team drives to the trap only to find the door is still up and theres nothing inside. Trapper notices the bait is gone too, and on top of the trap is the rest of the deer meaning the creature was on top of the trap, finishing it's meal. This is proven when they find more tracks in the dirt, and Willy notices scratch marks on the of the trap Although the monster is not in the trap, with the evidence they have found the team concludes they have definitely proven the Grafton monster exists in Taylor county However the team angrily discuss their failure the monsters growl once more sounds from the woods The team now ready to open fire the creature are ready for Trappers order to do that order never comes nobody can even see the creature even on the thermal camera so the team slowly returns to the to leave