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Death Cat of Cherokee County is the ninth episode of Mountain Monsters and the fifteenth episode overall.

A.I.M.S. goes after ferocious feline called the Cherokee Death Cat which is killing livestock in North Carolina

On the road to Cherokee county North Carolina Trapper tells Buck Jeff and Huckleberry they are going after the Cherokee Death cat something Buck has always wanted to go after because of his Cherokee heritage; his great grandmother Nikitai was full blooded Cherokee indian[]

photograph of Buck great grandmother Nikatai

The Cherokee death cat is around pounds four betwn the shoulders six feet long without the tail and shaggy coat terrifying local farmers and killing their lives tock and Trapper blives human could soon be victim Jeff explains the Death Cat was first seen in the early round the same time the trail of tears Cherokee were forced from their land by the govrnment many of which perished on the way to Oklahoma The myth behind the creation of the Death Cat is that the Cherokee who died became the creature and seek vengeance Although the team is sure the legend is myth Trapper believes Buck Cherokee blood will be the key to the whole investigation betting the Death Cat wont atack Buck like would the others In Cherokee County the team meets with their first eye witnes beef farmer named Herbal who lost cows to the Death Cat Herbal says his four cattle killed by having their throats atacked and letting the jugular bleed out and then being torn up which Trapper knows is the work of big cat Herbal also adds heard that with the Death Cat comes omen of you see are stalked by you will Trapper declares they determine the myth is true Herbal takes the team to his field to show footprint found before seeing the footprint Jeff is certain the feline in question is the Death Cat because there are Pumas Mountain Lions in the in the field the team finds nothing cow tracks until Buck spies huge footprint ten inches long and fresh and Trapper believes Just made last night

Footprint left by the Death Cat

Judging by the way the cows were killed and the huge footprint, there is doubt the Death Cat is in the

  • On the first night investigation, the team starts searching for hundred yards from Herbal farm Trapper first reminds the team to be aware of their surroundings because the Death Cat could be on them in seconds. Ready for some answers to the mystery surrounding the Death Cat the team begins the search which is in perfect spot as they believe the beast hunts the farmland night and beds in the highground during the daytime they come to the top of the hill the group finds field full of cows which seem to be spooked the team enters the woods near the field they find ravine which could be ambush spot the Death Cat is using The team is suddenly put on alert when they hear stick snap Jeff scans with his camera but is unable to pick up anything Trapper orders the team to come closer together and the push on finding log which has claw marks on claw sharpener Behind the log is small rock cliff so the team splits up Huckleberry and Jeff go up and Trapper and Buck search the bottom Unfortunately Jeff thermal camera runs out of power and he has to switch batteries which came bad time because not far away the brush starts to shake Jeff powers his camera back on and heat signature atop hill Trapper tells Buck to get to higher ground Buck takes off after the Death Cat. They scream for Buck to come back hearsay disappeared into the darkness Eventually Buck returns to an angry team After Huckleberry and Jeff meet Trapper and Buck the bottom of the cliff Buck says he manages to catch a glimpse of the creature which is huge and able to clear hundred yards in seconds seems only the Death Cat is quick because the guys chuckle about fast Buck is have Cherokee blood says still the husky ninja On more ominous note they are all disturbed that the Death Cat undoubtedly stalking
    Next day Buck meets with Willy and Wild Bill to give them some information on the Cherokee Death for the trap tells the duo they will have to make a trap with lid on due to the cat climbing ability Willy designs trip string drop trap, which will have a open door and a lid hanging over big the Death Cat can see open Once the trigger is set off the door will close and the lid will fall trapping the monster inside Buck then helps them clear some brush Which Bill really enjoys and cut down some strong trees for the trap

While the others get trap supplies Trapper Huckleberry and Jeff meet with the next eyewitness, Boone, who supposedly has a trailcam photo of the Death Cat Boone farmer, had his encounter a month ago, hunting and heard one of his horses running dint think anything of it until he heard a chilling screech which made him run back to his house The next morning he found his horse lying dead on the other side of ravine mutilated Huckleberry horses for years, and knows that something that could take down pound horse would have to be very big. Wanting to find what killed his horse Boone set out trailcams and got horrifying picture.

Boone's trailcam photo of the Death cat.

Upon seeing the picture Trapper tell Mountain Lion Cougar Jaguar and says looks like lion Africa Boone says evesince he got the photograph he has locked up his animals which worries Trapper because without any farm animals to feed on the human could become his prey. With more information on the Death cat the team decides the best place for the trap is the high country

Later Willy and Bill check trail Trapper told them about Buck gone meet up with the rest the team talk toanother witness, while Willy and Bill get to on the trap Trip string drop traps are great for catching bobcats Willy says,bthewilneed to build theirmsmuch bigger for Death cat After completing the box and the door the pair leave

Meanwhile, Trapper, Buck, Huckleberry and Jeff meet the third eye witnes The witnes Davis is a farmer who has raised cows and sheep for years while ago heard his neighbors that their animals were being attacked so started keeping his sheep in barn Three weeks ago went to feed his sheep one morning and he found them dead in corner This comes surprise to the the team who never heard of the Death Cat entering barns before which means lost fear for humans. After his sheep were killed Davis wanted to find out what was responsible and after days of no results finally got picture from the trail camera inside his tolshed Trapper belives the Death cat was stalking Davis because he spends most of his time in his toolshed and that where his sent would be strongest Trapper says the Death Cat has given up hunting in the high country because found he can get easy meals farmer buildings Davis takes the guys inside his tool shed where the camera mounted and shows them the picture

Davis's photo of the Death Cat.

seeing the picture Buck recognizes the same creature saw on the night investigation Knowing that the Death Cat is coming into buildings Trapper decides they have to change their strategy instead having half the team search the highground and the other half search the farmlandIn the eving the team arrives the trap which Willy and Wild Bill have finished Willy explains the trap to the team and tests it out. Once they now the trap that left is for to be baited since this is Buck hunt, it's Trapper's turn to do the deed The bait is pork goat and beef what Trapper unknowingly to Trapper, Buck peed in the bait too because the creature is now stalking humans and also because he thought it would be funny considering Trapper habit to wipe his beard After sharing laugh Buck mounts trailcamera to tree to get picture of the Death Cat With everything ready, the team waits hours to begin the hunt Later night the team assembles for the final night hunt Trapper thinks figured out the truth behind the Death omen you look the creature eye to you die because you that close he'll kill you Trapper Buck Wild Bill and Willy search the farmland while Jeff and Huckleberry cover the high country with both teams pushing the monster towards the trap On the way to the farmland Willy warns his team to make sure they look in the trees, as the monster could be right above Meanwhile Trapper team is making their way through the woods when something moves past them quickly in the bushes leading them to realize the Death Cat is stalking them once again. With this in mind, Trapper decides to keep moving in the direction they want him in. Down in the farmland, Willy, Bill, and Buck come across barn Since cats often hang around in barn for food, they decide to investigate, but when they reach the barn they find the door is open, and there is a huge pawprint outside, the same one at Herbal farm They radio Trapper and tell him they're going in the barn. Inside, the floor is littered with crates and there is strange smell in the air. There are some rabbit's in cages on a table which seem to be scared of something. Buck spots blodd on the floor, and finds a torn off goat leg. Suddenly pile of crates are knocked over, and the trio realize the Death Cat, which they interrupted while eating just taken off up the stairs onto the second floor. They follow it up the stairs and through door and find there is loft above them where the creature is no doubt hiding. After they clear the floor they are about to head up the next flight of stairs when Willy and Bill notice Buck is bleeding on his face Buck is certain he didnt nick himself on anything and the reason is soon revealed will of sudden dead goat falls smack between the three of Panicing the team aim their guns athe loft above the Death Cat is no where to be Having second look at the goat, they notice missing leg and is mutilated like the other animals were described to be after they were attacked They radio Trapper who tells them to get out of the barn Buck is adamant to continue pursuing the creature so they head up to the on the loft they continue searching where they believe the Death Cat is only to hear noise coming from outside the door on the floor below. They chase the cat down the stairs and in the direction of the woods Meeting with the others, the learn that Trapper team hadn't seen the Death cat come by but the whole team heads in the direction went To their atrnoy anghce they come aarns which they will have to check. Luckily they are easily Angeles to determine which barn the Death cat in after hearing a noise in the first one Splitting up again Trapper Jeff and Willy check the left side of the barn, while Buck Huckleberry and Bill check the other they meet up again it seems the creature has vanished until they hear something moving around on the roof They send Willy up soon reaches the roof something leap off the other side, and the chase continues Eventually they end up at the same barn Buck team in and they show Trapper where the found the goat however disappeared Confused by realization of the goat missing the team leaves the barn and hears loud noise from behind putting them on the defensive. While Buck guards the rear Jeff scans with his camera and picks up the Death cat running in the direction of the trap They follow it up the hill and Willy and Bill catch glimose of circling around the trap and leaping sixty feet into the woods They find slide marks in the direction went just missing the trap. However, Buck remembers the trailcam and checking on Jeff laptop they find a great picture of a huge cat beside the trap

The team's photo of the Death cat.

Although they didn't catch the Death cat, they got a picture which absolutely proves the Cherokee Death cat exists in Cherokee County North Carolina. Trapper Juff to show them the other pictures the camera took, and they see one of perhaps the most dangerous creature of all namely Wild Bill After successful night hunt, Trapper and the team decide to head home

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