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Bigfoot of Putnam County is the second episode of Mountain Monsters season 3, and the twenty second episode overall.

A.I.M.S. travels to Putnam County, West Virginia, to investigate a vampire like creature, known as the Chupacabra. As they keep searching for the creature, they soon discover a Bigfoot is also in the mix.


In the car, Trapper tells Huckleberry and Jeff, they are heading to Putnam County, after the West Virginia vampire, the Chupacabra. Even though they are on a quest to prove Bigfoot exists in Appalachia, when Trapper heard about a Chupacabra in his home state, he had to go after it. Huckleberry says that Buck isn't with them because of his promotion at his job, but he'll be there when he can get there. Trapper describes the Chupacabra as being three and a half foot through the shoulders, jet black fur, a big head, six foot long, with spikes down it's back, and some say, two inch fangs. The Chupacabra seems to be attacking livestock because farmers are finding dead animals with their throats ripped out, drained of blood. Trapper says the Chupacabra is personal to him, because years ago, he was at his brother's ranch in Costa Rica, who had a problem with Vampire bats, and when they were out killing bats, he first heard the story of the Chupacabra. Judging by the stories from Costa Rica, and what they've heard from Putnam County, he believes it's the same creature. Jeff says the Chupacabra was first sighted in the 1700s by the Tianoo Indians, who carved it on stones. Trapper mentions how back in the 1990s, the Chupacabra was reemerging, and a lot of people on the internet were creating hoaxes, some of which may have been true, some false. Now, the team has to figure out was fact and what's false. Trapper says their time to get the Chupacabra is now, and that he believes all the monsters in the Appalachian mountains are connected to Bigfoot, and they have to find out what it is.

Arriving in Putnam County, the team meets with their first eyewitnesses, a father and son named Gus and A.J. who have had a sighting of the Chupacabra. Gus and A.J. are hunters and spend a lot of time outdoors, so they know the area well. Gus says one day he was out coyote hunting, when he found a dead coyote with it's throat ripped out. When he went back to get A.J., he found a deer that had been similarly attacked. The team knows this must be the work of the Chupacabra, as it sounds just like it. When Gus returned with A.J. to show him what he found, both of the animals were gone. What's more, there weren't any drag marks. The team is shocked by this, and Huckleberry says even though the Chupacabra is big, it couldn't have carried of the deer. Trapper says it couldn't have carried off the deer, and Gus says it's possible it was aided, because he knows there is more than one Chupacabra around, saying he hears a noise like a scream and a laugh going back and forth, like two are talking. Trapper now knows there is more than one Chupacabra in the area. Gus says he wants to know what killed the animals and what ripped their throats out, and he wants it to be gone. Trapper says the'll do a night investigation and try to get to the bottom of it, and thanks Gus and Aj, shaking Gus's hand.

At night, the team is about to begin their investigation where Gus found the coyote carcass. Since their is more than one Chupacabra, Huckleberry wonders if they might have packing instincts, and they intend to find out. Even though Buck's not with them, they still are going to go ahead and look, and try to find another body, in the hopes they will be able to confirm it is indeed the Chupacabra. While Jeff gets his camera ready, the team suddenly hears a strange noise on the distance. Soon, they hear it again, a strange laughing like thing. As they begin searching for what made it, they hear it again, and something moving. As soon as they believe they know what direction it came from, another sound comes from the side meaning there are two. The team begins to panic, and Jeff is unable to pick up anything on his thermal cam, when they belive they hear something walking in front of them. Trapper sends Huckleberry up towards a ridge where they heard it, but when he sees nothing and turns his back, Jeff sees a heat signature on the thermal behind Huckleberry.

Huckleberry and the heat signature on the thermal.

Trapper yells to him that there's something behind, and Huckleberry turns around and calls out, asking who's there. Whatever it is, slips off to the right, out of view. Looking at the footage on the camera, they believe what they saw was a man. After going to the spot the man was, they find where he was hunkered down, and then apparently took off through the brush. Confused as to how the man could have gotten through so quick, they figure he must know the terrain. Since they are unsure how many monster are out there and they have a man following them,Trapper decides they are going to come back tomorrow, and try to find out what the man is doing in the woods after them.

Next day, Willy and Wild Bill drive out to a field, to discuss how to trap the Chupacabra. Willy says he has a maze box trap in mind, a wooden maze, with bait at the end, and the Chupacabra will go through the maze, and set off the trigger closing the door, and by then, other Chupacabras will have gone in too, so they will catch all of them. Before they build it, Willy wants to know the measurements of the maze, so him and Willy Bill use lawnmowers to mow a large rectangle in the field, then the other parts of the maze. Once they're done, the get ready to build the structure.

Meanwhile, Trapper, Jeff, and Huckleberry talk at the same location as the night before. Trapper says the main reason they're on this investigation is not only his interest in the Chupacabra but his belief that all the cryptids in the Appalachian mountains are connected to Bigfoot. Trapper explains to Jeff and Huckleberry that they need to figure out who the man was they encountered, so they are going to drive around in the side by side and look for signs of the Chupacabra and the person. After driving around for a while, they find deer tracks, as well as a patch of yellow root. Walking over to it, they determine it's yellowroot, which can be used for remedies, and since yellowroot is there, there could also be ginseng. The team is sure the man they saw was a ginsenger, someone who collects and sells ginseng. They decide to look around, and walk down into a small creek. As they pass through, Jeff spies a footprint, however, it's only Trapper's. They laugh about this, until Huckleberry hears something moving in the trees. While standing there and looking for it, Trapper notices a slide coming down a hill. It's fifteen feet long, and wide, not made by an animal. Suddenly, Trapper is shocked to see beneath him, a huge footprint; a Bigfoot. The print is 16 inches long, and 8 or 9 inches wide, meaning the creature who made it is around 11 or twelve feet tall.

The Bigfoot footprint.

Trapper realizes it wasn't a man stalking them, it was a Bigfoot. He now believes it's possible after the Chupacabra drank the blood from the carcasses, the Bigfoot is carrying them off. Trapper says they will focus on the Chupacabra, but they might have to come back after the Bigfoot.

Later, Wild Bill and Willy go to the area where the Chupacabra has been sighted, and find a small trail, and then a much more used one. They decide to set up the trap there, and after Bill cuts through some brush, begin nailing together the walls. Not long after, they are finished, and now all that's left is to bait the trap.

The others go to a barn and meet with their next eye witness, a farm hand named Scott. The investigation is much more complicated then they thought, so they need to talk to another person to put it together. Scott says about a month ago he was feeding sheep when he heard noise from sixty or seventy yards away. It was an odd sound, which he said sounded like a coyote, a mountain lion, raccoon and a possum, and the only thing he could think off was that it was like it was laughing at him. Then, in the middle of last week, he was down there again, when he heard the noise, and it sounded like it was inside the barn. He walked up a ways away when he could hear there was something in the barn. He got out his phone, and as he went up to the barn, he got a video of something trying to get out the other side of the building. He asks the team if they want to see it, and they say yes so he shows them what he saw, a black silhouette running out of the back of the barn.

The Chupacabra on film leaving the barn.

Impressed by the video, Trapper says they know the Chupacabra is still in the area, and is a danger to all the animals, and maybe Scott, so after thanking him for the evidence of the monster, the team declares the are going to try to catch it. With the trap ready, and they are certain the Chupacabra is in the area, the time has come to hunt it.

Later, Willy and Wild Bill have just completed the trap, when the rest of the team arrives. Buck is with them, and though he has been busy at work, he's back to see what the guys have going on. The team is very impressed by the trap, and Willy leads them through it, and explains how it will work. When Willy mentions how they might be able to get several Chupacabras, Buck is surprised to learn there is more than one, and is also surprised when Trapper tells him about the Bigfoot. After being told how it works, the team wants to see the trap in action, so Buck goes inside to test it out. After searching for the trigger, Buck finds it and sets it off, shutting the door. Trapper baits the trap with lamb's blood and calf's liver. With everything ready, the team leaves to prepare for the hunt.

At night, Trapper and the team stand out in the woods before the hunt starts. Trapper reminds them their main objective is to get as many Chupacabras in the trap as they can, but they also have to watch out for the Bigfoot, which is out there somewhere. Trapper declares that he believes it is the Chupacabras that are doing the killing, and it's the Bigfoot carrying off the bodies. He tells Willy, Jeff, and Buck they are going to start searching three quarters of a mile to the west of the trap, where the video was taken, while Wild Bill, Huckleberry and himself, will start in the east where the coyote and deer were found. Determined to catch the Chupacabra, the teams set off. Soon, Buck's team moves through brush, while Trapper's team walks through the area, and they spot a tree with pee on hit. Because of the dirt kicked up by it, Trapper knows it's a canine, definitely the Chupacabra, and since he's marking his territory, there must be more than one. They're only fifteen minutes behind the Chupacabra so they need to keep following it. Meanwhile, Buck's team arrive at Scott's farm, and enter a pasture gate. As they go through, they hear a strange yelp in the distance. Suddenly, Buck and Willy spot eyes in the darkness, but Jeff realizes they're only cows, seeing several on his thermal cam. The cows in front are grouping up, meaning something has them scared. They then start working up towards the top of the farmland. In the woods, Trapper's team is put on alert when Trapper thinks he hears a tree knock, and soon, they hear more. Trapper radios Buck and tells him to come to them, up on the ridgeline. Buck's team rushes to the side by side to get there, and as they drive, they talk about the Bigfoot, when suddenly, something hits the back of the side by side, and as Buck turns around, a hairy figure with fangs in it's mouth is seen for brief seconds.

The Chupacabra on the side by side.

Shouting for the side by side to stop, Buck tells Jeff and Willy what he saw, which is gone now. Horrified that it was the Chupacabra in the back of the side by side, Buck radios Trapper and tells him that something attacked them, and they need Trapper and the others to get over there. Trapper's team runs to their side by side and drives off to the Buck's team, and when they arrive, they begin looking to see where the Chupacabra went. Willy finds some broken weeds, so Trapper sends him, Wilf Bill, and Huckleberry to try and head off the Chupacabra in a cove, while they go around in a side by side, and they will keep in conact via walkie talkie. As Willy, Wild Bill, and Huckleberry follow the Chupacabra through the woods, they find signs of it crossing a log over a ridge, and Willy and Wild Bill follow it over. When they reach the top of a hill, they spot something moving fast, so they take off after it. They yell back to Huckleberry who tells them to watch out, and then radio Trapper to tell them where it's headed. Trapper turns the side by side around to meet them, and Wild Bill and Willy hear a noise and take off after it. Seeing the Chupacabra cross the road, the team shows arrives on the side by side, and tell them what they seen. Huckleberry shows up, and he didn't see the Chupacabra so they know it's headed in the direction they believed it was going in, towards the trap. They hear a loud noise coming from the direction the Chupacabra went, so they know the Chupacabra is at the trap, and take off in the side by side after it. As they drive towards the trap, the team arrives just as the door slams shut, meaning something is definitely inside. As they jump out of the side by side, the team excitedly finds there is something inside, which they can partially see growling inside the door. The team celebrates their victory, when suddenly they hear a loud roar from behind. They realize they don't have all the Chupacabras and hear something coming closer. Suddenly, they hear a crash, and more of the strange noises, and when the run to the back of the trap, Buck finds there is a large hole in the back. Willy, Wild Bill, and Jeff run off after the Chupacabras, and when Buck says the Chupacabras busted out, Trapper finds a huge footprint right behind the track, apparently the Bigfoot made it. As Willy, Wild Bill, and Jeff chase the Chupacabras, Jeff sees on the thermal a huge heat signature and a Chupacabra running off.

The Bigfoot and Chupacabra on thermal cam.

They yell what they saw to the others, who come down. Trapper tells them about the Bigfoot print, and that it was the Bigfoot who busted out the Chupacabras, and Jeff tells them he caught the Bigfoot and a Chupacabra running away together on his thermal cam. Trapper realizes the distress call they heard was not for the Chupacabras but the Bigfoot. Trapper guesses that the Bigfoot is using the Chupacabras as hunting dogs, and he came and saved them. Trapper says that the Chupacabras drink the blood of animals, and then the Bigfoot eats the rest. Huckleberry declares they made a big discovery, that the Bigfoot is somehow communicating with the Chupacabras and using them for hunting. Trapper says that what he saw in the trap is exactly like what he heard they were supposed to look like in the 90s. Buck says that they know the Chupacabra exists in Putnam County, as they saw a video of him, heard him, and even got some in the trap. Buck mentions to the team that there was a song called "Who let the Dogs out?", and now they know the answer,that is was Bigfoot who let the dogs out. The team laughs about this, and then leaves. Huckleberry says that they came to Putnam County after the Chupacabra, but they're leaving with a big piece of the puzzle of Bigfoot in Appalachia.